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How to cope with TOUCH SENSITIVITY in summer . . .

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Are you happy that it's summer?

For kids, summertime means sunny days at the beach, the park, the playground, and the pool. Yet, these environments present a range of touch input that may be dysregulating to sensory sensitive kids.

So, what can we do to proactively help our kids cope with different types of summer input and build happy summertime memories?

1- Sunscreen, with its slippery feel:

> Cover up! Wear a wide-brimmed hat and thin, long sleeve shirts.

> Wander the aisle with your child and help him or her choose from a variety of sunscreen products.

> Try sunscreen sticks or sprays!

2- Sand on skin:

> Keep an extra towel in the car or backpack to quickly brush off hands and feet as needed.

> Pack an extra change of clothing.

> Offer kids an opportunity to play with sand before heading to the beach. Chances are you and your child will come up with some helpful strategies to cope with the feeling, like using a shovel to play in sand.

3- Summer Clothes (sandals, shorts, hats, and tee-shirts):

> Be flexible! Some children (and adults) don't wear traditional summer clothes. Today there are lighter fabrics, so long sleeves work. Not wearing sandals is perfectly okay!

> Play dress-up in a local store and allow a child to choose his or her own summer clothing. Hats, especially, should be tried on to see how they feel.

4- Water and Splashing:

> Time of day and environmental stressors impact how a child tolerates the feel of water. If a pool is busy, there will be lots of other input for a child to deal with as well.

> Have towels at the ready!

> Play games a child enjoys!

> Keep swimming sessions and pool visits short.

5- Heat:

> Know your child's tolerance for heat and check the forecast.

> Consider a handheld misting fan for hot days.

> Wear thin clothing and carry ice water.

What other tips do you have for summertime support among children with touch sensitivity?


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