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Who is Dr. Lisa Marnell?

Hello! I am an occupational therapist with 20 years of experience. I completed my doctorate at Boston University (BU) where I studied executive function in autism. Now, I am on the faculty at BU and serve on the Board of Directors at the STAR Institute in Denver.

I am diagnosed autistic myself.


My goal is to incorporate meaning, joy, and agency into the lives of autistic children. I believe that autism is not a disorder, but rather a different neurology, with its own strengths and challenges. This is also called strengths-based or neurodiversity-affirming practice.


When I am not teaching, creating courses or working with kids, you will likely find me hiking with Luna, my precious husky rescue dog. I look forward to meeting you!

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What Does Concierge OT Include?

What OT Packages Are Available?


This simple OT package is perfect for families who are new to the idea of concierge OT. The following is included:

  • Two 50-minute in-person OT sessions

  • One 30-minute virtual parent coaching session

  • Two opportunities for texting/phone access to Dr. Marnell (72-hour response time)

  • Following each session, Dr. Marnell will e-mail an "OT Session Summary" with a report of areas covered

$ 450

This is for families who feel ready try concierge OT and see how it works. The following services are included:

  • Four 50-minute in-person OT sessions

  • One virtual 45-minute parent coaching sessions


  • Unlimited texting/phone access with Dr. Marnell  (48-hour response time)

  • Following each session, Dr. Marnell will e-mail an "OT Session Summary" with  a report of areas covered, skills updates, and home carryover suggestions

$ 750

Families excited to commit to working with Dr. Marnell can save with this package:

  • Eight 50-minute in-person OT sessions

  • One virtual 55-minute parent coaching session

  • One additional session to be determined together 


  • Unlimited texting/phone access with Dr. Marnell

      (36-hour response time)

  • Following each session, Dr. Marnell will e-mail an "OT Session Summary" with  a report of areas covered, skills updates, and home carryover suggestions

  • Sensory Processing

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Gross and Fine Motor Abilities

  • Executive Function and Praxis

  • Daily Living Skills

  • Self-Insight, Self-Advocacy, and Self-Determination

  • Academic Strengths and Challenges

In order to initiate OT services, Dr. Marnell must complete a comprehensive OT evaluation that assesses the following factors within the child's occupational profile:

OT Evaluation Required

Price per comprehensive OT evaluation ranges from $375 to $475
(price includes parent meeting to discuss results and to collaborate on intervention)

1 - Virtual Parent Coaching
Support for You


2- In-Person OT at Home
or in the Clinic

Screen Shot 2023-07-11 at 2.55.20 PM.png

As a coach, Lisa will enable you to discover the tools, knowledge, and approaches you need to feel confident parenting your autistic child. You will feel empowered to implement OT strategies at home and support your child at home and in the community.

Screen Shot 2023-06-19 at 8.07.16 PM.png

At Kids Master Skills, OT services will help your child develop skills, confidence, and to live happily and autonomously with a sense of agency in the world. Areas addressed include developing self-awareness and self-advocacy, comfort with self-care, emotional regulation, sensory processing, and motor skills.

Coaching and Sessions are Neurodiversity-Affirming! 

Autism represents a different neurology, so supports for autistic children must honor their unique traits.


  • Coaching sessions include discussion, problem solving, and explicit instruction about autistic neurology. Parents may want to learn more about specific autism topics and OT approaches or prefer to brainstorm collaboratively for new approaches.  

  • In initial OT sessions, Dr. Marnell carefully assesses a child's sensory processing and then works with parents to proactively apply this knowledge in the child's daily life. This helps children emotionally regulate. OT considers a child's motor skills, executive function, coping with unexpected change, feeding, or daily living skills, while simultaneously embracing a child's strengths, interests, and passions to build kids' confidence and cultivate joyful quality of life.

Superbills Available for Possible Insurance Reimbursement

Parent coaching and many of Dr. Marnell's concierge occupational therapy services go above and beyond typical outpatient OT services, and Dr. Lisa Marnell and Kids Master Skills are considered "Out of Network" with insurance. Nonetheless, an individual Superbill can be made available for families in order for them to reach out to their own plans for reimbursement.

Set up your FREE 20-minute consultation Zoom
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