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Most school professionals receive little to no training to learn respectful and effective ways to support autistic students. Further, most of the the training available is behaviorally based and does not present, explain, or address the neurobiological differences in autism that affect the reasons autistic children act as they do. To better support and educate autistic students, school professionals must understand the brain-based strengths and challenges in autism.

Dr. Lisa Marnell provides virtual autism trainings that dive deep into explaining the autistic brain in simple terms. This helps your staff understand the strengths and challenges that autistic students face. Next, Dr. Marnell will teach you and your staff evidence-based approaches to support autistic students, without the need to rely on behavioral approaches like rewards or token boards. Finally, you will master strategies to promote emotional regulation in students and learn principles to develop strengths-based, realistic, and meaningful IEP goals.

Why Seek Autism Training for your School?

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If you are a school administrator or school professional who would like to educate your staff in the use of neurodiversity-affirming and strengths-based approaches in autism, feel welcome to reach out to Dr. Marnell and schedule an informal meet and greet to discuss this possibility for your school.


Who is Dr. Lisa Marnell?

Hello! I am a faculty member at Boston University and an occupational therapist with over 20 years of experience working with autistic children. I completed my doctorate at BU where I studied executive function in autism. Now, I serve on the Board of Directors at the research-focused STAR Institute in Denver. I am diagnosed autistic myself and can speak from

my lived experience of being autistic in a non-autistic world.

My goal is to incorporate meaning, joy, and agency into the lives of autistic children. Current neuroscience shows us that autism is not a disorder, but rather a different neurotype, with its own strengths and challenges. This approach is called neurodiversity-affirming practice. I am eager to share this understanding with teachers, therapists, psychologists, paraprofessionals, and administrators so they feel more knowledgable, excited, and

(most importantly) confident in their work with autistic students!


When I am not teaching, training, or working with children and families, you will likely find me hiking with Luna, my precious husky rescue dog. I look forward to meeting you and

your school staff on Zoom and helping you support your autistic students!

How Does Autism Training in Schools Work?

General Overview:

  • All trainings are provided virtually in Live format

  • Options include a 90 minute or 3-hour format

       (with 5 to 10 minute movement breaks per hour)

  • Trainings are designed to actively engage learners. The learning session will include a combination of lecture with powerpoint slides, videos, case studies, explanatory visuals, Q & A, and brainstorming

  • Cancelation policy is available upon request

  • Accommodations for specialized learning needs will be discussed ahead of time and all reasonable supports will be offered


  • Please note that this training does not include or support the use of behavioral or ABA techniques, but rather teaches staff to dig deeper and better understand the neurology of autistic students

  • See fee rates below for each training

General Training Breakdown:

  • Speaker Introduction 

  • Explanation of the importance of neurodiversity-affirming practice in education 


  • Overview of autistic neurology and how it is different from that of neurotypical learners


  • Neurologically-based reasons for autistic behaviors in varied school settings


  • How to use an understanding of neurology to develop realistic and meaningful IEP goals


  • How to use an understanding of neurology to support autistic student performance


  • How to rely on a child's strengths to support emotional regulation and academic progress


  • Case study review, collaboration and brainstorming, and Q & A

What Options Are Available?

90-Minute Training with
Q & A and 2 Case Studies

3-Hour Training with
Q & A, Multiple Case Studies,
& Group Goals Collaboration

Consult with Dr. Marnell to plan
your school's training
To reach out call 617-694-6902
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