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Shift Your OT Practice!


Are you an occupational therapist who desperately wants to be more neurodiversity-affirming? If you are, then this goal bank will enable you to take a massive step forward. You will finally have the tools you need to guide IEP teams to step away from ableist and disrespectful practices.


A specific template for developing neurodiversity-affirming goals has been designed by the author, Dr. Lisa Marnell, who is neurodivergent herself. Accommodations are integrated into the template to ensure students' needs are met as teachers and staff address their goals. 

Neurodiversity-Affirming IEP Goal Bank and Guidelines for OTs

  • Developing IEP goals that are neuro-affirming and strengths-based requires that we honor students' neurobiology and unique traits. With over 300 goals in this extensive resource, OTs will truly support neurodivergent students in their learning, school function, self-advocacy, self-confidence, and ultimately their self-empowerment.


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