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Embrace Neurodiversity-Affirming Practice in Schools!

Each neurodivergent student is unique and has specific strengths in areas of learning, function, interests, and abilities. Yet in schools students are presented with teaching methods, environmental factors, and general expectations which may not align with who they are and how they thrive in class and across all school settings.


Accommodations level the playing field for students. Students’ unique needs are considered in relation to the school environment and traditional teaching practices. Lack of fit is identified and accommodated so students can access their education.


Accommodations are created so students can access their grade-specific curriculum. They  consist of adaptations to the school environment and to the instructional methods and materials. 


IEP Accommodation Bank and Guidelines for all School Professionals

  • With over 400 accommodations in this bank and guide, teachers and other school professionals will be able to adopt neurodiversity-affirming practice and enable neurodivergent students to thrive in school, in a manner that aligns with their unique neurobiology.

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