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4 Halloween Directed Drawing Activities for Teletherapy or In-Person

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Are you looking for Halloween-themed activities that are perfect for either teletherapy on in-person sessions with parents, therapists, or teachers? Try these directed draws!

Directed drawing is a scaffolded activity that is ideal for addressing fine motor coordination, visual motor skill, and executive function (in particular working memory). If a child struggles with drawing, then mastering even a simple picture can feel like a success. Among children with autism, directed drawing offers an opportunity to practice social reciprocity, a back and forth social interaction. Research suggests that turn-taking activities promote social interaction with this population.

In this FREE resource, there are 4 Halloween themed directed draws:

1- Draw a Spider

2- Draw Candy

3- Draw a Cauldron

4- Draw a Jack-o'-Lantern

Each of these drawings start with a single large circle. I recommend that while doing these drawings, you incorporate working on bilateral integration . . . Here's how:

Look around for a circle shape. At school you can use any circular shape such as a pencil holder/canister. If you are doing teletherapy, have the child look around their kitchen and use a small or large can or other circular items, such as the cap of a water bottle. Now, the child places the circular shape on paper and traces it to make the circle shape. This is tricky for kids, but it's a wonderful activity that kids usually enjoy - plus it requires body awareness and motor planning.

You can also make these fun Halloween directed draws in whipped cream, hot chocolate, sand, or shaving cream. This presents a tactile sensory element to the activity which can also be very motivating for kids!

Click this link to download your FREE Halloween Directed Drawing PDF!

Flattened - Halloween Directed Drawing
Download P • 8.43MB

As always, feel welcome to touch base with me, Dr. Lisa Marnell, OT, by e-mail at I would love to hear about your successes, your struggles, and any questions or comments you have!

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