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10 Fine Motor Ideas for Home for the Holiday

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

A two-week holiday at home shouldn't interrupt a child's fine motor skill development. In this blog post I have put together two pages for you.

The first provides information about foundations of fine motor skill.

The second shares how to practice fine motor skills at home during the holiday.

You can print each of these as PDFs bu clicking the boxed link below the images.

Foundations of Fine Motor Skill:

Here are five important components of fine motor skill.

Click this link to access the PDF.

Foundations of Fine Motor Coordination
Download P • 941KB

10 Fine Motor Ideas for the Holiday:

At home there are many opportunities to practice fine motor skills! This holiday, print and post this PDF somewhere convenient to offer you daily ideas for working on your child's fine motor skills!

Click this link to access the PDF.

10 Holiday Fine Motor Activities - Infog
Download • 988KB

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