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How Does Coaching Work?

The aim of autism coaching for families is to help you discover the tools, knowledge, and proactive approaches you need. Occupational therapist, Dr. Lisa Marnell, will guide you in gaining confidence, success, and joy in parenting your autistic child or teen.

Autism represents a different neurology, so supports for autistic children and teens must honor their unique traits. Coaching sessions with Dr. Marnell will consist of discussion, problem solving, and some explicit instruction about autistic neurology. Sessions will work toward identifying supports your child needs and developing your child’s strengths, autonomy, self-confidence, and joy in the day to day. 

Book your 20-minute parent consultation ($20 dollar fee) with Dr. Lisa Marnell. You will have the opportunity to discuss your autistic child's strengths, their passions, their challenges, and to get started working with Lisa in supporting your child and your family and to find balance in your lives.

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Or keep reading and learn more about autism coaching below!

Who is Dr. Lisa Marnell?

Hello! I am an occupational therapist with 20 years of experience. I completed my doctorate at Boston University (BU) where I studied executive function in autism. Now, I am on the faculty at BU and serve on the Board of Directors at the STAR Institute in Denver.

I am diagnosed autistic myself.


My goal is to incorporate meaning, joy, and agency into the lives of autistic children. I believe that autism is not a disorder, but rather a different neurology, with its own strengths and challenges. This is also called strengths-based or neurodiversity-affirming practice.


When I am not teaching, creating courses, or working with kids, you will likely find me hiking with Luna, my precious husky rescue dog. I look forward to meeting you on Zoom!

What Does Autism Coaching Entail?

  • Discussion of strengths and challenges

  • Explicit teaching from Dr. Marnell

  • Brainstorming and problem solving

  • Goal determination and planning

  • Identify objectives for next session

Each coaching session generally follows the following itinerary:

Following each session, Dr. Marnell will e-mail parents a "Parent Coaching Session Summary" 

What Options Are Available?

Single Virtual Coaching Session

$60 per session
(45 min)

Pack of Four Sessions

$195 total
(45 min x 4 sessions)

Book your 20-minute parent consultation
with Dr. Lisa Marnell
To reach out to Dr. Lisa Marnell
call 617-694-6902
Send Lisa a message below:

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