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School-based occupational therapy is a rewarding specialty. Those of us who have chosen this career feel grateful we can help others every day of our working lives! 


Yet, occupational therapy has challenges - we must be experts in child development, understand sensory integration theory and practice, know out scope of practice, and determine when a student would likely benefit from OT.

Another challenge is that times are changing as we shift from ableist approaches and seek to embrace neurodiversity-affirming practice for autistic and neurodivergent students.


Why Seek Professional OT Coaching?

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If you are an occupational therapist who relates to these challenges, consider working with me to build your confidence, knowledge, intervention planning, strengths-based evaluation, goal writing, and advocacy skills!


Who should consider my coaching program?


* Experienced OTs who hope to understand and incorporate neurodiversity-affirming approaches in practice


* New grads who want to serve their clients with respectful and neuroscience-based, scientific approaches


* OTs new to pediatrics who want to serve students well, yet are not sure of how to make this transition


My name is Dr. Lisa Marnell. I am on the faculty of Boston University. I present internationally on topics of autism, anxiety, and emotional regulation in children. I studied executive function in autism when I completed my doctoral work at Boston University. I have the lived experience of being autistic myself. Also, I have advanced study in special education law through Wrightslaw training.


How Does Coaching Work?

General Overview:

  • OT professional coaching is provided virtually

  • Sessions include a combination of discussion, brainstorming, explicit teaching, and planning

  • Options for weekly, biweekly, or monthly sessions


  • Session duration is 45 minutes long


  • Commitment is month by month

  • Fees are available and listed below

Typical Session Breakdown:

  1. Check-in on last session's goals (10 min)

  2. Identify recent strengths & successes (10 min)

  3. Discuss recent challenge areas (10 min)

  4. Collaborate and brainstorm (15 minutes)

  5. Determine 1 to 3 personal goals (5 min)

  6. Determine 1 to 3 professional goals (10 min)


Texting/phone access available (48-hour response)

Following each session, Dr. Marnell will e-mail an

"OT Coaching Session Summary" listing main discussion points, goals, and proposed action plans.

What Options Are Available?

Single Virtual Coaching Session

$60 per session
(45 min)

Pack of Four Sessions

$195 total
(45 min x 4 sessions)

Set up your FREE 20-minute consultation
with Dr. Lisa Marnell
To reach out to Dr. Lisa Marnell
call 617-694-6902
Send Lisa a message below:

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